Jet Lag in Barcelona

I'm a big fan of stepping right into the new time zone. Wasting time during a business trip, or worse, a vacation - calculating what time your body "should" think it is, is an utter waste of time. I keep the curtains/blinds raised so the sun can tell my body when to get up, drink … Continue reading Jet Lag in Barcelona

The Lost Art of the Itinerary

I don't know about you, but when it comes to travel arrangements I like to be really clear on where I need to be, and when.

Destination – Refuge Day Spa in Carmel Valley California

If you live in the Central Valley of northern Californi, Refuge spa is probably your best bet for a relaxing soak and a terrific massage.

Ride Service Apps in Barcelona

I went to Trip Advisor looking for some basic info from a Barcelona local. Shame on the site admins for allowing the forums to turn into a place where bullying is acceptable "advice".

10 Anti-Theft Tips for Travelers

You want a vacation full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Having your purse or identity stolen should not be one of them.

Saving Money on Car Rentals

I work from home most of the time, so we only have one vehicle. That means I rent when I need to drive to a business meeting a couple of hours away. This saves money and miles on our car. It's also translates into about the same amount of money for my employer since they'd … Continue reading Saving Money on Car Rentals

An Expat Retirement – Perhaps Not For Us

By now I've established that - while I like to plan ahead, I clearly don't have all the answers (about anything, if I'm honest with myself,) but retirement most of all. As a result, The Wife and I have spent the last few years pondering how we want to live our lives when we hit … Continue reading An Expat Retirement – Perhaps Not For Us

An Ugly American Retirement

The more I think about the idea of retiring... the less I understand. Is retirement about not working? Or is it about not working at the same job you've been doing for a Very Long Time. Am I leaving an employer, a lifestyle, a way of defining who I am in the world? What the … Continue reading An Ugly American Retirement

Destination – The Paso Robles Wine Festival

I've given you a broad brush idea of all the different wine regions in California in Beyond Napa part I and part II, Way Beyond Napa. In this blog I want to bring your wine-loving attention to the Paso Robles annual Wine Festival. This four day long celebration of all things red, white and bubbly … Continue reading Destination – The Paso Robles Wine Festival

Cash and Cards – Tips for a Trip Abroad

Getting ready for a trip abroad can be exciting. Follow these cash and credit card tips in advance.