Retirement Planning

green_oceanRetirement is one of those things I never expected to be able to afford.  I regularly put money into my Roth and my 401K, but every annoying retirement calculator kept telling me I was a long way from saving enough.  Talk about a demotivator.  But those calculators don’t necessarily take into consideration all the retirement income you may have access to once you take the plunge.  They also don’t factor in things like a significant change in your cost of living – which could happen if you moved to a sunny beach in Mexico.  Hablo Espagnol?  Life as an ex pat… now there’s an adventure! Or maybe you’re ready for a dream career.  Sure you’ll start at the bottom, but you’ll have retirement funds to serve as a cushion, rather than your only source of income.

I certainly don’t have all the answers on this front, but my spouse and I have begun the thought process – which is way better than what my ex and I used to do… which was fight, or (more frequently) pretend we were going to be young forever.   You might discover you’re light years ahead of us, and feel much better about your plans. Or you might know something that we need to know… so feel free to leave comments.

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