An Expat Retirement – Perhaps Not For Us

By now I've established that - while I like to plan ahead, I clearly don't have all the answers (about anything, if I'm honest with myself,) but retirement most of all. As a result, The Wife and I have spent the last few years pondering how we want to live our lives when we hit … Continue reading An Expat Retirement – Perhaps Not For Us

An Ugly American Retirement

The more I think about the idea of retiring... the less I understand. Is retirement about not working? Or is it about not working at the same job you've been doing for a Very Long Time. Am I leaving an employer, a lifestyle, a way of defining who I am in the world? What the … Continue reading An Ugly American Retirement

Destination – The Paso Robles Wine Festival

I've given you a broad brush idea of all the different wine regions in California in Beyond Napa part I and part II, Way Beyond Napa. In this blog I want to bring your wine-loving attention to the Paso Robles annual Wine Festival. This four day long celebration of all things red, white and bubbly … Continue reading Destination – The Paso Robles Wine Festival

Destination – California Wine Country: Way Beyond Napa

There are five (possibly 6) wine regions in California, each of which contain many ‘American Vinicultural Area’s (commonly called‘AVA’s).  For anyone who is familiar with Napa, bear in mind that Napa is part of one region.  California has so much more to offer oenophiles. In case you didn't catch Part I,  where I talk about … Continue reading Destination – California Wine Country: Way Beyond Napa

Destination – California Wine Country Part I (beyond Napa)

If you think Napa Valley is all California has to offer people who love wine (aka oenophiles), think again!

Destinations – Isle of Iona, Scotland

If you spend any time visiting other cultures, countries, or special destinations, you will eventually find a place that feels like your spirit has come home.  For me, that is the Isle of Iona, part of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.   It's a small island, easy to reach off the coast of Oban, Scotland … Continue reading Destinations – Isle of Iona, Scotland

Expat Destinations – Decisions, Decisions

If you are seriously considering spending your retirement years in a beachy, sunny, festive, low cost location SOMEWHERE outside of the United States, you are in good company.  The cost of health care (and insurance) in the US is a significant enough motivation, without adding in perks like travel discounts, exotic locations, and (sometimes) a … Continue reading Expat Destinations – Decisions, Decisions

Retirement Planning

The Wife and I are planners.  I'm a Project Manager by trade and my better half is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer.  Our plans have contingency plans, risk management plans, communication plans, and vendor management plans.  We're perfectly willing to make the best of any situation, but we don't leap before looking, double-checking with … Continue reading Retirement Planning

Destination – Paris

Dawn at the Tuileries Gardens Paris is truly splendid.  The art deco Metro access points, the range of art galleries and art museums, the food, the quirky window displays, the public gardens, endless glorious doors that beg to be opened, cobble-stone streets (still), quaint coffee shops, and more - combine to make it a place … Continue reading Destination – Paris