Information Hierarchies

In theory, I should be able to identify a parent page, and the child pages that fall under it… and set up a menu.  This should take a minute.  Maybe 2. I should be able to configure a menu so that it sits where I want it to sit on the page, even if that means configuring the theme (left, right, top, bottom) but it’s SOOOOOO complicated.  Users should know up front that they can “categorize” blogs, but not pages, and they can create menus by category and/or blog and page links.  Instead it’s buried deep and requires a lot of building content to test before you can use what you’ve created to figure out how it will all hang together. 

Same problem with the ability to identify a page as the “blog” master page, where all “blog” objects are published one on top of the next.  What a ferking mess that is. True there is one already set up, but since the distinction between pages and blogs isn’t clear, you can roam around writing content and then not be able to see the blog posts because you made them pages. (and if the default blog page is deleted it’s bloody hard to figure out how to redefine it). Setting up site navigation is way way way too difficult to figure out.    

The links functionality in the new editor works MUCH better in a blog than a page. Shouldn’t this be the same code? 

 I can create subordinate pages (not blogs) that show up on the list of pages as indented… but there is no correlation in the actual site navigation… no list of subordinate pages on the next level up page… which would be the intutive way to handle creating those intermediate “category” pages. But nope.  Nada.  What. Exactly. Is. The. Point?

I’ve been doing web sites since 1992.  HTML. Various editors.  Photoshop.  The whole nine. This is not my first rodeo.  AND YET… getting a proper menu inserted and links to related pages appearing on the so called parent page … was not a breeze.   

And don’t get me started on the Themes.  Just. Don’t. I’m stuck with pre-defined color palettes … for, why?  I can’t see the other page layouts until I’ve applied the theme because the Home page layout may be different… but I can’t select one or the other. Noooo.  Then when I start on a new theme, some of the widgets transfer over, but others don’t?

And for the love of all that is holy, WHERE are the social media share icons?  I can’t see them anywhere even though I’ve set them up for the site. It’s a snip of code, why isn’t it a widget? 

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