What Makes a Good AirBnB

There are plenty of hazards in renting an AirBnB. Here are some things to watch out for, (or if you're a host) not to do.

Secrets of Frequent Fliers – Status Matching

If you are working on obtaining status with an airline, you want to “buy local” whenever you have a choice of flights and airlines.  By this I mean that someone working on building status on Delta  (for example and just to show no hard feelings after all) should always try to fly Delta or a Delta … Continue reading Secrets of Frequent Fliers – Status Matching

Travel 101

There are basically three kinds of travel:  business, obligatory, and pleasure. One could argue that business is, by it's very nature, obligatory.  I can only say that anyone who has ever traveled regularly for business purposes (meetings, presentations, training, system configuration, and every other stupid reason a VP can conceive of for sending warm bodies … Continue reading Travel 101